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Football and blind kids? You betcha!

ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL??? Aw man I looooooove that expression, that song! I am a die hard football fan, so when I gave birth to my boys I would sit and wonder what football positions they’d love to play.  I wondered if they’d have the guts to be the quarterback or the drive to be a wide receiver.  However, in all of my daydreams of my guys on the football field, I never thought about them being on the Offensive Line, let alone at the center of it, literally.

In my latest video I reveal how football remained an important part of my mom life, even though BOTH of my sons are blind. And an interesting note: I mention one of my favorite Philly people of all time, Merrill Reese (voice of the Philadelphia Eagles) and why he is a game changer for us.  My younger son, Mitchell, calls Merrill his “Eyes on Sunday” – and Philadelphia’s blind community does too.  Merrill was awarded the prestigious Louis Braille Award form the Associated Services for the Blind for being every blind Eagles’ fan’s eyes on Sunday!! Quite frankly, he’s just the nicest guy as well.

Watch the latest video in my THRIVING BLIND: Set Extraordinary Expectations series and find out just how football has been a central part of my mom life, my mom-of-blind-kids life too 🙂 And take a good look (no pun intended!) at what you might be missing out on because you are not setting extraordinary expectations for your life – and get back in the game!



1:50  At nine years old Michael expressed an interest in playing football

2:15  What position made sense for him to play

4:00  How playing football helped other areas of Michael’s life

4:30  My younger blind son, Mitchell, loves football… for a different reason.

4:47  Philly icon Merrill Reese

5:40  Ask your child what activities they want to try and try them!

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Kristin Smedley is an author, non profit leader and TEDx speaker.  She originally planned to be a third grade teacher… and then two of her three children were diagnosed as blind.  Kristin now shares her journey of raising her kids to not just survive challenges, but to thrive!  She speaks around the globe regarding blindness and resilience,  and she just launched her new series teaching people to SEE: Set Extraordinary Expectations!  Watch her TEDx talk here and get info regarding her new book here.  If you  are interested to have Kristin speak at your upcoming event,  email her at smedtalk@gmail.com or contact her here!

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About Kristin Smedley

Kristin Smedley is a visionary leader who empowers individuals, teams, and organizations to unlock their hidden potential and gain a competitive edge. Kristin, a TEDx speaker, best selling author, nonprofit founder x2, business owner, and acclaimed filmmaker, leaves audiences on their feet cheering and wanting more of her energy and influence.

Kristin has spent her lifetime studying people that succeed without sight and discovering those repeatable systems and strategies that cause a  competitive advantage. 

As a single mom with a signature smile that has raised three children (two of which are blind) to surpass all grim expectations and out- achieve everyone around them, Kristin leaves a lasting impact on those fortunate enough to experience her powerful presentations.

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