Welcome to Thriving Blind – a concept that is hard for many to consider!

If you are a family member of someone diagnosed with a blindness condition, if you are a teacher of a blind child, if you are an employer considering hiring a person without sight, or if you are looking for some hard core proof that limitless potential exists no matter a person’s eyesight, than this is a community that you’ll likely want to cozy on up to!


 Kristin’s NEW BOOK: Thriving Blind… Stories of Real People Succeeding Without Sight

What do an architect, a mountain climber and a stay at home parent have in common? In this book, they (and the others that are featured) are all blind.  In a world that is primarily visual, it is typically a person’s worst nightmare to even consider losing their sight.  Although the impact of blindness is affects more and more people, most sighted people have no idea of what blind individuals are capable of and therefore a stigma of sadness and pity is misappropriated to the blind community. This stigma creates a vicious cycle of low expectations, under achievement and dependence for blind individuals.  However, those that are Thriving Blind have great lessons and proof to demonstrate that a multitude of possibilities exist when expectations are raised and resources are provided – and the lessons here go well beyond living and thriving with blindness.  Join the journeys of folks whose stories of transformation will enlighten and entertain (some of their encounters and “adventures” are unbelievable!) All readers will have wonderful take-a-ways


WATCH Kristin’s TEDx Talk in New York City titled “How I Learned to See Through the Eyes of My Sons”

WATCH! Kristin’s new video series LEARN TO SEE: Set Extraordinary Expectations!

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  • Set Extraordinary Expectations Video #1
    Set Extraordinary Expectations Video #1
  • Set Extraordinary Expectations: Football!
    Set Extraordinary Expectations: Football!
  • Set Extraordinary Expectations  Soccer!
    Set Extraordinary Expectations Soccer!
  • Set Extraordinary Expectations: Perception
    Set Extraordinary Expectations: Perception



where Kristin and her family share tips, insights, successes and “epic fails” of raising blind children to chase their dreams, follow their passions and… thrive!  You can “LIKE” the Thriving Blind community page on Facebook here !