How the first snowfall reminds me of my epic fail as a Mom…


I put this short video up on Facebook in our Thriving Blind community the other day to address a not always happy topic in the blindness realm: the White Cane.  Watch as I tell my story, with ridiculous honesty and a few random ADD moments, of how I realized I was failing my son in avoiding cane training for him! Yep… epic fail.  My lesson: having an early intervention specialist tell you that although your son has one of the most degenerative and severe rare eye diseases, a cane is not really necessary because he is doing “so well”, is definitely not good advice! Lesson learned.  And I am proud to say that Michael did eventually become quite skilled and independent with the cane!

FREE White Cane program from the National Federation of the Blind

10 fascinating facts about the white cane from Perkins School for the Blind

Maxi-Aids White Canes for purchase

American Foundation for the Blind stories from those that use the White Cane

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