I’m not going to put a bunch of flashy words here, I am just going to say this:  If I could learn to SEE that having two blind children is NOT a big problem, then I can help you look at your challenge differently to come out on the other side with a smile as big as mine.  Sound crazy?  Yep, nineteen years ago I would have said *crazy* as well.  However, my journey in raising blind children has taught me to look at things differently – and if you follow along on my journey, you’ll see it’s been quite remarkable.

It all begins with perception.  How are you seeing your challenges?  The way you look at it directly impacts what your are expecting to happen… and usually what you expect is what you get!  

Take a look around here and get in touch to see how I can help you or your group/company/organization SEE differently.  Seriously, if I can do it, YOU can do it!  (If you have never heard of me, aka the Happiest Mom of Two Blind Kids, start here with my TEDx talk.)  Check back often… so much is happening on this extraordinary journey that we are updating the site as fast as possible!


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