to an Extraordinary Journey

Are you looking for inspiration and actual strategies to ignite a new, extraordinary journey? Are you searching for guidance and real life how-to’s to make a big impact on the world? Do you need a speaker for an event that will transorm your audience and ignite them to achieve extraordinary outcomes? 

You’ve found a good place to explore!

Life is funny… sort of.   I’m Kristin Smedley and that is how I see it! After all – I accidentally found my way into hopeless pits more times than I care to count… but I also climbed my way out of them by using strategies that have proven effective for lots of different scenarios.

A bit about me: I am a 2019 Champion of Hope Award Winner, non profit CEO, TEDx speaker, and author – but I never ever planned on any of that. I did plan to be a really great third grade teacher, however my personal path to greatness took an unexpected turn when two of my three children were diagnosed as blind. I had to learn the tools of blindness and build a team of experts that would help me navigate this path that I had not been trained for.  My guys are now thriving in high school and college with more activities and achievements than you’ll care to hear me brag about.  

If you are looking to build a business from nothing, transform your life from hopeless to hope-fueld, or need to build your faith muscles to climb out of a current pit… take a walk through my journey here and get in touch so I can help you thrive as well as smile as much as I do in a day!  READ MORE

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