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Succeed without sight summit

Whether you are just trying to survive a blindness diagnosis or are looking for ways to thrive… Welcome to the Thriving Blind Academy!

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  • I am a parent or caregiver that just heard the words, “Your child is blind” and I am feeling overwhelmed/scared/unsure of what to do next.
  • I am a parent or caregiver of a blind/visually impaired child that is in need of real strategies to guide my child in the areas of school, social life, activities, independence and technology.
  • I just found out I am going blind and I have no idea how to succeed without sight.

You don’t have to figure this out alone. We are here to help you, to walk with you, to connect with you, and to guide you through this journey.


The folks here know the exact pain you felt when you heard the word “blind.”

We know the fear you feel. We know the anger you probably try to hide. We know the sadness, oh boy the sadness in your heart.

AND… we know the steps to take and tools to use to move toward thriving, even when you are scared and sad and mad.

We are not going to remove blindness from your journey, but together we can remove the fears and tears and get you smiling again and enjoying the journey!

"Kristin takes something that is scary for some--perhaps many, and creates a safe space where people can come and talk and learn and share, and where the energy stays positive and practical."

-Ron Brooks, TBA Mentor, Succeed Without Sight Summit Speaker

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Summit MAIN EVENT Part 1. Speakers include:

  • Kirk Adams, CEO American Foundation for the Blind
  • Dave Steele, the Blind Poet
  • Morten Bonde, LEGO Corporation and Author Of Sentenced to Blindness: Now What?
  • Michelle Whitman, Asset Based Consulting
  • Michael Smedley, Jr, PENN STATE student, Co-Host Jigsaw Politics Podcast
  • Ron Brooks, Transit Industry Professional
  • Daniel Lubiner, TouchPadPro.org

Summit MAIN EVENT Part 2. Speakers include:

  • Stephanae McCoy & Nasreen Bhutta, Bold Blind Beauty
  • Orly Shamir, Blind Culinary Artist
  • Jill Dolgin, AGTC (Spotlight Sponsor)
  • Clarke Reynolds, Blind Artist
  • Mike May & Good Maps (Spotlight Sponsor)
  • Education Panel featuring Kim Owens (Navigating Blindness) Kathy Nimmer (Teacher of the Year) Kaleigh Brendel (High School Student, Award Winning Advocate)