What exactly is this Hope thing and what does it do for me?


Where there is hope, there is faith.

Where there is faith, miracles happen.

I would love to deep dive into this topic and give my perspective on hope and faith and miracles from the experience of my journey so far, being that this is the season of hope and miracles and all.  But this season of hope and miracles is also the season of wrapping and baking and cleaning and… there is too much to list, you get the chaotic picture.


My time is limited but this topic is important to me so I will simply say this:

I have said before that hope can carry you a long way.

I have been in hopeless situations a few too many times thank you very much.  Being without hope drains my energy, it suffocates my smile, it sucks the life out of me as I dwell in the negative… feeling quite abandoned by the positive.

But where there is hope, there is possibility.  And knowing that there exists possibility gives me energy to keep the faith – to keep going.

And with that energy, that faith, I can find all good things, even itty bitty small things, still good things that confirm I am getting there. Finding the good things = miracles.


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