Video: My two teens are Changing What It Means To Be Blind


“Your son is blind. He will never play baseball.  He will never drive.  Your hopes and dreams for your son are gone. Learn how to raise a blind child.  Good luck.”

That’s what the doctors told me when they delivered the diagnosis that my son has a rare eye disease called Leber’s Congenital Amaurosis (LCA).  One delivery of that news is about all a person can take – I got the news twice. Both of my sons have LCA.

My boys have shattered the bleak box they were put in – and they continue to raise the bar on people’s expectations of what blind kids can do… at 16 and 13 they are just getting started!

WATCH & LISTEN: the song is performed by my oldest blind son 🙂 You can follow more videos and posts regarding their journey at our little Facebook community, Thriving Blind.

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