I actually sat down for 30 whole minutes! Find out why…


I had the honor of sitting down (yep, I actually sat for 30 whole minutes!) with the mega talented Jennifer Lynn Robinson, host of Main Line Connect, to discuss my most passionate work of my life – a passion that was completely unintended and not planned for! Jenifer did such a great job of reeling in my  over caffeinated, highly excited self to get to the core of why I work at the level I do to support my blind sons in achieving their dreams, with some of those dreams involving sight.

Here is the interview and below are some key points and the time stamps of when they are discussed.



0:38      Props from Jennifer about my LinkedIn profile!

1:00      Why Networking with people ALL THE TIME is so important to my work.

2:30      What I learned about reaching out to people that are very good at what they do

3:58      The two key communities that helped me grow my mission (visit my Twitter guardian angel Jennifer Gardella for more social media tips!)

5:20      Why I do not waste one second at a meeting or conference: Who I have to “answer to”

6:45      The moment that changed the course of my life

10:28    Why I am the happiest mom driving my kids to their zillions of activities

14:45    Bike the Basin – my family’s most fun project of the year

17:35    Ask not what your community can do for you….

19:50    Shout out to this blog! Eye Believe in Miracles!

20:00    My thoughts on golf – read the post I refer to here

24:25    SMEDtalk

26:00    Why speaking about my journey is so important for the blind community

Thanks for the great discussion Jennifer!


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