My Shocking Holiday 2015 Statement: I’m Dreaming of a Green Christmas…


I know I know, a Green Christmas? Who the hell dreams of a Green Christmas when they live in a part of the world where there is a strong possibility for a White Christmas?  With my apologies to Bing Crosby and all of you White Christmas fans, please read on…

     Let me first say that I am typically one of those saps that hopes, prays even, for a beautiful White Christmas,.  My prayers include requests for just enough snow to cover all the ugly brown grass, but not too much to hinder the traditional Christmas Day visits from our family.  I find the backdrop of white snow against the wreaths and red bows on so many homes in our neighborhood to be perfectly nostalgic.  And a soft blanket of snow falling on Christmas Eve has to be one of my favorite romantic settings ever.
     Okay, so I know all of the White Christmas fans are wondering: why would I stray form such a perfectly perfect scenario?
     Well, I didn’t leave that dream scene intentionally.  A few days ago I was finalizing my gift lists, checking the pantry for cookie ingredients, surveying the wrapping paper stock, doing all things Christmas prep… and then the weather forecast came on tv.  Yikes.  Here in the Philadelphia area our newscaster was lamenting over the fact that Christmas week temps were looking to be in the high 60s and… brace yourself… Christmas Day temps could surpass 70 degrees!  The entire news team was groaning over the fact that there was absolutely zero chance of a White Christmas.  And I was the biggest groaner of all… that is until some incredible memories came flooding back through my mind so fast I got a little dizzy:
     All of a sudden I remembered the Christmas when all of my brothers and I got new bikes.  Oh my I can still remember walking down the steps into our living room and seeing five beautiful bikes!  Santa had outdone him/herself.  New bikes for all – that never happened for us!  We were always growing out of one and growing right into someone else’s in the family. Oh my, the shiny, new bikes were such a sight!  And as I hopped on mine to see how it felt I distinctly remember being so thankful that there was no snow outside because I was ready to get out there and try that baby out… and try them out we did.  My brothers and I were out there all day long riding our new bikes.
     Another memory that flooded my mind almost simultaneously was the year I opened a brand new pair of roller skates that I had prayed I would find under the tree! Oh they were magnificent: bright white skates with shiny red wheels and perfectly red stoppers on the front.  No scuffs.  No broken laces.  Perfectly perfect skates with wheels so smooth I surely would be the fastest one down the hill across the street!  I distinctly remember being so thankful that there was no snow outside because I was ready to go try those babies out… and try them I did.  All Christmas Day long!
     It was an interesting feeling to be thrown back to those very moments with those gifts… I actually felt the excitement all over again.  And as I was thrust back into the current moment with kids running around finding shoes and backpacks and lunches for school, I couldn’t help but think a Green Christmas will be perfect this year.  My kiddos will love being able to get outside and try out all the outdoor stuff Santa brings… and I hope they realize how wonderful the rare opportunity it will be to be outside all day (likely in tshirts and shorts) on a Bucks County Christmas Day!  I know the day is eventually coming when they will be “too big” to be outside on bikes and trampolines, etc, so I will take in the excitement of a Green Christmas for as long as I can.
     Funny, isn’t it, how memories from childhood can sneak up on you when you least expect them to and shift your entire perspective?  I know how blessed I am to have wonderful memories of White Christmases.  And I know how blessed I am to have wonderful memories of Green Christmases.  It really doesn’t matter if there is snow or no snow: what matters is that we are able to find the miracles, big and small, in our lives… especially at Christmas.
Merry (Green or White) Christmas to All! May you find the miracles in your every day… and especially in your Christmas Day.